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Blacktop Mourning

Their music hit MySpace in late 2005 and within two weeks, Blacktop Mourning was inking a deal with MTV. By the six month mark, their songs had been played on 11 MTV shows and the band had been selected as an “MTV Featured Artist.” Blacktop Mourning has never looked back.

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The Himalayans

The Himalayans
were a Bay Area-based band featuring the vocals and lyrics of a pre-Counting Crows era Adam Duritz set to the energetic music of Dave Janusko (guitar and bass), Dan Jewett (lead guitar), Marty Jones (bass) and Chris Roldan (drums). This compact disc features 17 gems composed by the band, three of them produced by Crows guitarist David Bryson, including the Himalayans emotional masterpiece, “Round Here.”

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Notar defies the standard categories imposed by the music industry. The 26 year-old New Yorker is an accomplished MC with rich lyrical ability and a commanding stage presence as well as a formally trained jazz trumpeter. Thatís a rare find.

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