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Blacktop Mourning
Located: Chicago, IL
Members: Max Steger, Joe Levand, Shawn Nystrand, Greg Gerard , Nate Wethy.

Their music hit MySpace in late 2005 and within two weeks, Blacktop Mourning was inking a deal with MTV. By the six month mark, their songs had been played on 11 MTV shows and the band had been selected an “MTV Featured Artist.” Blacktop Mourning has never looked back.

This Chicago-based Rock/Pop Punk band is a blend of accomplished musicians led by songwriter Max Steger, an 18-year-old guitar prodigy, who could be found jamming in Chicago’s legendary blues clubs such as Kingston Mines and Buddy Guy's Legends by his 12th birthday.

During that time, Max’s precocious guitar talent caught the eye of Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder of Atlantic Records. Ertegun called Max “one of the best guitar players I’ve ever seen” and counseled him to stay in school and keep honing his craft until he could better handle the fame that lay just around the corner. Max listened to this sage advice.

After writing and arranging an abundance of new songs and sharing stages with Grammy winners Los Lonely Boys and punk rockers Sum 41, Max felt the time had finally arrived for a new band. Blacktop Mourning came into being.

Blacktop Mourning’s sound is an unforgettable blend of catchy hooks, upbeat, melodic vocals with pop/punk lyrics laid over heavy rock, distorted guitars. Joe Levand fronts the band with soaring emotional vocals. Shawn Nystrand brings a dynamic brand of rhythm guitar playing while Max completes the front line with lead guitar and jaw-dropping solos. Rounding out the lineup is the high-energy rhythm section featuring drummer Greg Gerard and bass player Nate Wethy.

Chicago's premiere rock station (Q101 FM) has called Blacktop Mourning, "The Band to Watch in 2006" while their music has surpassed 500,000 plays on MySpace.com.

Blacktop Mourning has recently completed their Tyrannosaurus Records debut CD, "No Regret." "No Regret" was produced by Max Steger with The Devil and The Bunny Show (Adam Duritz and David Immerglück).

“The recording experience was incredible,” according to Max. “Adam brought a ‘take’ on my songs that I hadn’t considered. He’s a conceptual guy who instinctively knows how the songs should sound. Immy, on the other hand, is the ‘detail guy’ who zeroed in on the intricacies of every guitar part.”

Blacktop Mourning’s upcoming CD, “No Regret” will be available in Spring 2007 on T-Recs.

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