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Artist Bio:
The Himalayans
Located: Berkeley, CA
Members: Adam Duritz, Dave Janusko, Dan Jewett, Marty Jones and Chris Roldan.

The Himalayans were a Bay Area-based band featuring the vocals and lyrics of a pre-Counting Crows era Adam Duritz set to the energetic music of Dave Janusko (guitar and bass), Dan Jewett (lead guitar), Marty Jones (bass) and Chris Roldan (drums). This compact disc features 17 gems composed by the band, three of them produced by Crows guitarist David Bryson, including the Himalayans emotional masterpiece, “Round Here.”

Live interview clips from college radio stations KALX and KUSF augment the disc and highlight the sense of humor and camaraderie enjoyed by the band members as they composed their music and circled the bay performing these creations to eager and ever-more enthusiastic audiences. 1991 was a magic time for local bands, college radio, and indie rock in general, when audiences stayed all night because they wanted to, bands practiced until they were forced not to, and musicians hung out with their bandmates because they liked to. The music realized on this disc is a reflection of those last days, when “ones” and “zeros” were amp settings and not attempts by computers to mimic the infinite variety in human musical expression.

Somehow, the precious moments The Himalayans spent together after rehearsals, eating endless supplies of chips and green sauce at Mi Mazatlan in San Francisco's Mission District, were just as important as those spent in the studio itself. And the band took advantage of every one of them. These moments provide the emotional peaks and valleys that defined their world, be it bathed in sun or, moments later, covered in cloud, jarred by the crash of cymbals or shattered by the powered hum of electric guitars. Whether in the dank underground basement rehearsal spaces that dotted the San Francisco landscape in this golden age of indie rock or in the sweaty smoke filled clubs that the kids filled night after night after night, The City and The Scene served as the engines of change that gave shape and form to the stories that fill this disc and give it its title: She Likes the Weather.

The Himalayans
storied existence finally came to an end when Adam’s side project Counting Crows was signed to Geffen and Adam was forced to leave. But before it was over, the band played one last epic show at a dangerously sold-out Berkeley Square and then went into Russian Hill Studios a few days later and recorded their entire catalogue live direct-to-DAT. It was a tough day, with everyone depressed at the band’s coming demise. It wasn’t fun but somehow that only makes it that much better, as the songs all reveal the raw tragic angry soul that was always at the heart of what made The Himalayans a great band anyway.
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01: Jaded
02: River Shannon
03: Way Home
04: She Likes The Weather
05: Babies
06: Diamonds and Babies and Cars
07: Round Here
08: Save My Life
09: Floating Over You
10: Ordinary Superman
11: Angels In America
12: A Little Discipline
13: Someone Elses Chapstick
14: Wishing Well
15: 99 Days
16: Sailor Song
17: Nothing But A Child
(includes radio interviews)

She Likes the Weather is a professionally designed and packaged compact disc release pressed from a glass master for increased durability and sonic quality. This newly re-mastered Tyrannosaurus Records release is complete, featuring The Himalayans entire 17-song catalogue, including 13 songs from the Russian Hill Session, three songs produced by Counting Crows’ guitarist Dave Bryson including The Himalayans’ original version of “Round Here” (later covered by Counting Crows), one straight up raw live track, and the popular radio interview segments. It is now available for pre-order here at TyrannosaurusRecords.net and will be released on April 12, 2007. The newly designed 4-color artwork pays homage to the conquering of Mt. Everest while the cover folds out to reveal The Himalayans story in detail and the disc itself doubles as a map of Tibet (very useful) and emergency snow shovel (even more useful). This very popular worldwide seller is shrink wrapped for your protection and safety tested here at Himalayans headquarters. Orders are usually shipped the next day via domestic first class, international airmail, or hand-delivered by specially trained Tibetan Yak riders.
Due to new postal regulations and overwhelming costs, the "Free Yak with CD Purchase" offer has been temporarily discontinued.

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