About T-Recs
About T-Recs

Tyrannosaurus Records was not part of Adam Duritz’s game plan. Duritz had built a record label early in his career (E Pluribus Unum, later bought by Geffen Records) and had no intention of starting a second one. To boot, Counting Crows was working on their next album - there were more songs to write, a tour to plan, and lives to lead.

And then he heard the music.

The flow of Notar’s words was so clear, so lucid and so brilliant that Duritz knew he had to work with this singer/songwriter/rapper. As a lyricist himself, Duritz was blown away by the subtle and complex writing of the gritty 26 year-old. Not so long ago, Duritz was a struggling artist trying to get signed and he wanted to be a part of Notar’s evolution.

Blacktop Mourning is a Chicago-based Rock/Pop Punk band led by 18 year-old guitar prodigy, Max Steger. The sheer talent Duritz heard could not be ignored. Soaring vocals, jaw-dropping guitar solos and incredible lyrical skill create an unforgettable sound well beyond their years. Instinct told Durtiz that he had stumbled upon something profound.

When Duritz discovered them on MySpace.com, he knew that the best way to get Notar and Blacktop Mourning heard was to create an independent label. Duritz is a true music aficionado whose tastes run the gamut from rock & roll to punk to hip-hop to jazz. He could not walk away from these two compelling sounds.

Tyrannosaurus Records (T-Recs) was born.

According to Duritz,”When you start a label you’re responsible for the hopes and dreams of the artists you sign. That’s a big deal to me and I take it seriously. We are here to help our artists create great music and navigate the treacherous waters of the music business.”

The primary objective of T-Recs is to get good music heard while offering the artists guidance, management, creative freedom and industry expertise. This veteran management team has been around the block a few times and there’s not a lot of red tape and board meetings. T-Recs represents a new breed and it’s all about the music.

”My vision for T-Recs is an intimate boutique label,” continues Duritz. “We are in the studio with the bands, talking to them constantly about their careers and their music. We handle everything in-house and we’re taking on a very limited number of artists so that each band gets personal attention.”

“To work with a label run by an artist of Adam’s stature, who encourages musical creativity and believes in true artist development -- what more could we hope for?” says Max Steger of Blacktop Mourning. “In the music business, Adam’s been there, done that and this label is not a vanity project for him. He genuinely cares not only about our music, but also about our lives.”

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